Plan Your Skydive

Plan Your Skydive

Are You Ready To Skydive?!!!

It's been on your bucket list for such a long time! Now it's time to start planning for a day that you'll never forget!

Before boarding the plane, consider a few things that will turn this event from really good to really great!

Consider the tabs to the right to add a video package to your skydive (highly recommended) along with where to eat and drink after your jump as you'll be really hungry and thirsty after momentous blasts of adrenaline!

Skydive KC has been skydiving Overland Park, Topeka and the region for 18 years and we understand that everyone may have different requirements. If there is anything we can do to make your skydive better, please let us know! We're excellent with marriage proposals, birthday parties, bachelor parties and team building experiences.

Please feel free to call us with anything!

Experience The Best!

Highly professional and extremely well trained staff will provide you with an experience that will forever speak to your soul. Clean, well run, and most importantly, safe safe safe!

» Mike H.

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