Skydive Kansas City Acquires a New Plane!

Published: September 22, 2017

We are excited to announce the aircraft fleet at Skydive Kansas City has expanded! This week the new E90 model King Air with the capability to carry 14 jumpers to altitude in a quick 9 minutes arrived this week!

The new addition is being added to an already impressive jump fleet of a Beechcraft C-90 King Air and 2 Cessna 182's, making this the largest fleet of skydiving aircraft int his region. "These are exciting times," says DZO and long time jumper, Chris Hall.

King Airs are such efficient work horses of the industry. So much we tell the story HERE. The gorgeous new jump plane will expand jump operations to accommodate more tandem jumpers and fun jumpers. "We are also looking forward to being able to host bigger events in the future as well," adds Hall. "The new plane is already on line and we can't wait to showcase it to all of our local jumpers this weekend!"

Whether you're about to go for your first jump or are a seasoned jumper, stop by tp check out and jump from the newest addition in the fleet!

Experience The Best!

Everybody who is part of that organization went out of their way to make it the most exciting and fun experience.

» Barbara V.

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