Skydiving KC? Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

Skydiving KC? Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

Published: June 28, 2016

Skydive Kansas City has tons to offer, whether you're jumping for the first time or you've been skydiving forever. Here are 10 reasons to choose us for skydiving KC!

1) More Fun Than Anything You've Done Before!

It's always difficult to describe skydiving to people who haven't done it before. One thing we can assure you of... it'll be more fun than anything you've ever tried!

From preparing for your jump to flying to altitude to exiting the plane and falling through the sky, every part of your skydive will be new and exciting. There's nothing quite like the feeling of hurtling to earth at 120mph; come find out for yourself!

2) Tick It Off Your Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list these days. A collection of things you'd love to do one day - but more often than not, these things never happen because you simply don't get around to it.

Now's the time to tick skydiving off that list! You'll never know how great it is until you try, and you won't try it if you don't make the decision and get it booked! Not only will you be proud of what you've achieved, your friends and family will be inspired by your bravery too.

3) Jump At a Family Run Drop Zone

Skydive Kansas City is a family run drop zone. Our owner, Chris Hall, grew up watching his dad skydive from a very young age so it was really no surprise when he went on to make a career as a skydiver himself.

Chris is an extremely passionate skydiver and has completed over 5,000 jumps himself. You can be sure of a welcoming reception and a family feel when you jump with us.

4) The Friendliest Skydivers in the Industry!

Whether you're jumping for the first time or the thousandth, it's nice to know you're surrounded by friendly skydivers.

Skydiving is a really sociable sport. With plenty of on-site facilities, Skydive Kansas City is a great place to hang out and spend a day and you'll be doing so with some of the friendliest skydivers in the industry.

What makes us so friendly, you may ask? It's because we love what we do! We've all made our hobby a career and every day we're thankful that we get to do something we're so passionate about. Come enjoy it with us!

5) The Coolest Spot in Kansas City

Things can get pretty hot here in KC.

While a jump in a swimming pool might sound refreshing, it's nothing compared to a jump into the sky where temperatures are significantly cooler than on the ground.

6) The Highest Skydive in the Region

If you're going to jump out of a plane, you might as well jump from the highest possible altitude. That way, you'll have more time in freefall and more time to enjoy the experience.

Skydive Kansas City takes jumpers to the highest height of any drop zone in the region. Jump with us and you'll jump from 14,000 feet - that's just under 3 miles of fun!

7) Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

They say life begins when you step outside your comfort zone. If you've ever wondered if you could jump out of a perfectly good airplane, now's the time to find out!

It can be scary the first time, but that's part of the fun! The adrenaline rush you'll get as you approach the open door is like nothing you've ever felt. Falling through the sky, your heartbeat will quicken and you'll experience what it's like to really fly. As your parachute opens, everything slows down and becomes quiet as you reflect on what just happened and take in the views around you. Step out of your comfort zone to experience something phenomenal!

8) Forget Your Worries

You can bet that no one has ever felt worried or stressed about their daily lives during freefall.

One of the best things about skydiving is that it gives you the space to step away from your daily concerns and focus on the here and now.

9) Be a Social Media Star

Remember that post you shared on Facebook that got tons of likes and comments? Believe us - you haven't seen a popular social media post until you've posted a photo of you skydiving!

For an additional price, you can have your own personal camera flyer jump out with you and take photos and video of your jump. Your friends and family will love commenting on your pics and it's a great way to remember the experience.

10) Get a Rep as a Daredevil

Evel Knievel was famous for a reason, and you'll develop your own reputation as a daredevil when you jump from a plane!

It's likely you'll be one of the first people among your group of friends to make a skydive. Everyone will be impressed by your bravery and you'll be telling tales of your experience for years to come. Earn yourself a party story to be proud of!

If you're ready for the ultimate adventure skydiving in KC, we hope you'll choose Skydive Kansas City! Book your skydive online today to find out why we love it so much!

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At first I was very scared to skydive and now I'm getting my class A license to actually skydive all thanks to skydive Kansas City!

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