First Time Skydiving Missouri

First Time Skydiving Missouri

The dream of skydiving in Missouri and seeing the state's stunning beauty below can now be your reality without any prior experience. Skydive Kansas City specializes in tandem skydiving which allows our guests to experience the freedom of flight with a short 60-minute training class.

Join one of our professional skydiving instructors for the adventure of a lifetime! Jump from 14,000 feet MSL at speeds of up to 120mph and see why our skydiving center, located just an hour South of Kansas City, is the premier choice for skydiving in MO!


The tandem skydiving training class is usually only about 60-90 minutes in length. You will watch an instructional video and simulate the proper body position for free fall and practice exiting the aircraft with your instructor.

Following training, you'll morph into a skydiver as you step into your skydiving jumpsuit and be issued goggles and your all important harness for your jump. The tandem instructor wears a specially designed parachute system built for two. You will be harnessed to the front of him/her (becoming their new best friend) before exiting the aircraft for what will be the most adventurous thing you can do on the planet!

The Skydive Experience

The adventure begins when we zip you up to 14,000 feet MSL in an amazingly fast nine minutes, thanks to our incredible jump plane - a turbine Cessna U206. If you're seeking the ultimate skydiving experience, there is none better than this!

Once at jump altitude, your heart races as you approach the door of the aircraft lockstep with your instructor to begin the most incredible experience of your life! Prepare to exit this perfectly good airplane and hit speeds of between 120 and 150 mph. What you don't expect is how much you'll love it! You won't feel the sensation of falling, but rather floating. Its an addictive feeling only disturbed by the opening of your parachute at approximately 5,500 feet. The adventure is only half over as you take in the world around you while flying under a docile parachute. After experiencing flight, you'll return to terra firma a changed human being. They say growth only happens when you exit your comfort zone... congratulations... you just leapt out of it!

Our Goal For You

Our goal isn't for you to have a 'good time.' Our goal is for you to leave us amazed knowing you've just had a life changing experience! Please allow us to show you why we are the premier dropzone for skydiving in Missouri.

*Deposit for booking is $75 per reservation.

Tandem Skydiving Pricing

Option Cost

14,000 Ft MSL Tandem Skydive | Online Rate - Book Online | Jump from 6 passenger Turbine Cessna U206

$259.00 per person

14,000 Foot MSL Tandem Skydive | Regular Rate - Walk-Up Rate | Jump from 6 passenger Turbine Cessna U206

$279.00 per person
Experience The Best!

Great operation. Love that they offer a bigger plane (King Air) that goes higher (14,000') and faster (9 minutes) than the other places in the area who fly little 182 Cessna that only take 4 people to 10,000' in 20+ minutes.

» Sonny D.

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