Tandem skydiving in Kansas City, Missouri

Tandem skydiving in Kansas City, Missouri

Take to The Skies at 14,000 Feet at Speeds of 120+ mph!

No longer do you have to dream of flight! It's time to experience why birds fly!

Join the Skydive Kansas City skydiving team on the fastest and biggest aircraft in the region as we race you up to 14,000 feet and show you views without the obstruction of an airplane window.

Feel the rush of wind as you enter the atmosphere while secured to your professional skydving instructor in a harness built for two while floating on a column of wind at terminal velocity. This amazing feeling has the sensation of floating instead of falling (thanks, science!) which allows you to enjoy your skydive instead of fear it.

Once at 5,550 feet, your skydiving instructor will deploy your parachute transforming your adrenaline rush to a peaceful ride under a flapping canopy as you take in the world below and marvel at what you just did.

Tandem skydiving has allowed for everyday people with zero skydiving experinece the opportunity to participate in the greatest adventure life has to offer.

COVID-19 Operating Procedures Update

Please review our updated procedures for tandem skydiving students and guests here.


Please note all participants:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • MUST bring a valid, photo, state ID.
  • Weight restrictions do apply (you will be weighed privately when you arrive).
    • Males must weigh no more than 220lbs
    • Females must weigh no more than 180lbs
    • Exceptions are possible. Please call for details.
  • All participants must be in good physical condition and have no major health problems.
  • Clothing required for jump:
    • Tennis shoes only. No boots, sandals or flip-flops.
    • Long pants are recommended (jeans, sweats)
    • Dress comfortably for a mix of outdoor and indoor training. Wear layers if cool outside.
    • "GoPro" or personal cameras are "Not allowed" on the flight up or skyidve.
Experience The Best!

I learned to skydive at Skydive Kansas City. The staff was very professional and well trained. Safety was emphasized and the gear and airplane are awesome! It was a great experience learning and now I'm having a blast jumping there on a regular basis. Great people.

» Jennifer F.

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