Learn to Skydive Solo

Learn to Skydive Solo

If your dream is to become a licensed skydiver, we can help you make this dream a reality. Learning to skydive sounds intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! Our Advanced Freefall Program (AFP) is designed to transition you from complete novice to a confident, solo skydiver.

Getting Started

Our program is designed to add to your skill set gradually, one jump at a time. The program begins with a simple tandem skydive. This 'immersion' jump allows you to just feel the environment with free fall and to get comfortable with the 'arch' position. The arch is the core fundamental to stability in free fall and sets the foundation for every skydive you'll make through your training.

Following your first tandem, there are two more tandem skydives to be made whereby your instructor adds to your responsibilities in order to raise your awareness levels in free fall as the experience can seem like a blur. Our focus is for you to get comfortable and increase your situational awareness and to understand what needs to happen and when. A heavy focus is also directed towards how to fly a correct landing pattern once under parachute - a core fundamental that will be with you for the rest of your skydiving career.

Following your three tandems, the training gets more fun! After a a ground school, it's time to take to the skies with your own rig on your back! You'll be jumping with either an instructor or coach for your next 19 jumps as you make your way towards your end goal - to become licensed!


*Deposit booking is $75 per reservation.

Skydiving Licenses

There are four main licenses with the USPA. Each license is earned with more jump experience and skills added to your repertoire. The first license is the A license and is what we'll be working towards from your very first jump. Our guide throughout your training will be your A license proficiency card. Each jump made is designed to satisfy the requirements on the card until everything is checked off and you're ready to become a solo skydiver!

USPA Licensing Minimum Jump Requirements

A license - 25 jumps

B license - 50 jumps

C license - 200 jumps

D license - 500 jumps

For more information on our Advanced Freefall Program, click here.


*Deposit for booking is $75 per reservation.

Learn to Skydive - AFP Course

Option Cost

Tandem Progression Jumps I - III - Price is per jump

$259.00 per person

AFP Levels 1-9 - Price is per jump

$199.00 per person

Transition Training Ground School - Includes USPA temporary membership

To schedule your class, click this link: https://bookings.burblesoft.com/index/621/71

$100.00 per person

Coaching Levels 10-19 - Price is per jump

$119.00 per person
Experience The Best!

Great operation. Love that they offer a bigger plane (King Air) that goes higher (14,000') and faster (9 minutes) than the other places in the area who fly little 182 Cessna that only take 4 people to 10,000' in 20+ minutes.

» Sonny D.

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