Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

Ready For The Next Step? Learn To Skydive Solo!

If you have the desire to become a licensed skydiver, allow skydiving Kansas City's most trusted drop zone to take you from novice to a confident, solo skydiver.

Skydive Kansas City blends the low pressure tandem skydive with the USPA's Accelerated Free Fall training technique to form our own Advanced Freefall Program (AFP). The benefits of this approach to training allows for a smoother transition into a solo free fall allowing our students to build confidence and have heightened awareness of what is actually happening during the rush of free fall.

Our program is divided into four training segments with each following a natural progression of adding skills and improving technique.

Section I - 3 Tandem Progression Jumps

The first section begins with three tandem skydives. The first tandem skydive is the 'immersion' jump to get a sense of what free fall feels like. Jumps 2 and 3 include improving altitude and situational awareness during free fall, recognizing deployment altitudes, body position and basic canopy flight pattern principles.

Section II - Transition Class

The transition class is a six hour ground school which covers emergency procedures, body position, flight patterns and landing. The next step is to wear your own rig and take flight! You'll have an instructor flying alongside you during free fall, but the days of tandem skydiving are now over!

Section III - Freefall Progression Solo Jumps 1-9

Free Fall Progression involves nine skydives with your instructor. Each jump building skills over the prior jump. It's imperative you stay 'current' by making at least one jump every 30 days in order to not repeat the prior jump. Staying current is important in order to keep everything 'fresh' and to keep you safe. The more you jump, the better!

Section IV - Continued Progression Jumps 10 - 19

This section involves jumping both solo and with a skydiving coach as you move towards the goal of earning 25 jumps. 25 jumps is the minimum requirement to test for your A license and also have passed all of the skill requirements plus show the ability to pack a parachute! Once A licensed, you are now signed off to jump with other skydivers and visit other skydiving centers!

Learn to Skydive - AFP Course

Option Cost

Tandem Progression Jumps I - III - Price is per jump

$259.00 per person

AFP Levels 1-9 - Price is per jump

$199.00 per person

Transition Training Ground School - Includes USPA temporary membership

To schedule your class, click this link:

$100.00 per person

Coaching Levels 10-19 - Price is per jump

$119.00 per person
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