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At Skydive Kansas City, our aim is to exceed the expectations of our guests while delivering value and a world class skydiving experience. We have become the destination for Kansas City skydiving residents because of our fair pricing and consistent delivery of a great experience.

We pride ourselves on our service and maintaining the highest maintenance standards in the industry with all of our equipment and aircraft. Running a professional skydiving center with high standards and an excellent staff is expensive, but our skydiving prices are consistent with the best skydiving centers in the United States.

As a policy, we refuse to deep discount our pricing and you won't find us on daily deal sites. (Read article on Why We Don't Groupon). We feel that deep discounting forces skydiving centers to overbook creating a greater need for maintenance and creating longer wait times and a poor customer service experience for our guests. Our mission is to deliver the best experience possible and to create raving fans!

*Please note: prices are subject to change

*Deposit for booking is $75 per reservation.

Tandem Skydiving Pricing

Option Cost

14,000 Ft MSL Tandem Skydive | Online Rate - Book Online | Jump from 6 passenger Turbine Cessna U206

$259.00 per person

14,000 Foot MSL Tandem Skydive | Regular Rate - Walk-Up Rate | Jump from 6 passenger Turbine Cessna U206

$279.00 per person

Video Services

Option Cost

Aerial Video & Still Photography - Links to social media ready files will be sent electronically.

$139.00 per person

Learn to Skydive - AFP Course

Option Cost

Tandem Progression Jumps I - III - Price is per jump

$259.00 per person

AFP Levels 1-9 - Price is per jump

$199.00 per person

Transition Training Ground School - Includes USPA temporary membership

To schedule your class, click this link: https://bookings.burblesoft.com/index/621/71

$100.00 per person

Coaching Levels 10-19 - Price is per jump

$119.00 per person

Experienced Skydiver Jump Rates

Option Cash

5,000 Foot AGL - Hop and Pop - Turbine Cessna U206

$27.00 per person

14,000 Foot MSL - Turbine Cessna U206

$32.00 per person
Experience The Best!

Great operation. Love that they offer a bigger plane (King Air) that goes higher (14,000') and faster (9 minutes) than the other places in the area who fly little 182 Cessna that only take 4 people to 10,000' in 20+ minutes.

» Sonny D.

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