Wichita Skydiving

Wichita Skydiving

Skydive Kansas City is located approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes to the east of Wichita, Kansas. Though we are located a fair distance from the city, Wichita skydiving enthusiasts regularly visit our location because of the kind of experience we offer.

Our major point of difference to other Wichita skydiving area dropzones is in the aircraft we fly. We fly a twin-turbine Beechcraft King Air that lifts our guests to an altitude of 14,000 feet - the highest jump altitude in the state. This is markedly different in the skydiving experience because it allows for longer free fall time which is something that every skydiver craves.


Our physical location is 1405 Orange St, Butler, MO 64730 and we can be reached at (816) 524-5867.

Our Story

Skydive Kansas City was established in 1998 by Chris Hall who has skydiving in his DNA. His dream was to build a skydiving center that offers the best possible skydiving experience. Since 1998, Skydive KC has earned the reputation as the premier skydiving center in the region because of its facilities, aircraft and equipment. With a high level of customer service, attention to detail and safety being paramount, visitors from all around the Wichita skydiving, and Kansas City skydiving areas have made the trip to Skydive KC to experience the ultimate adventure life has to offer.

If you're thinking of skydiving, we'd love to host you!

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Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We would love to answer any questions you may have about the sport and our facility!

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